Top 10 Skateboarding and Skate Clothing Brands of 2015

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Top 10 Skateboarding and Skate Clothing Brands of 2015

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There are good and bad times in skateboarding—from the eminence days of the 1980s when Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi accomplished rock star status for their vert slope ability, to the dull periods of the 1990s when tremendous jeans and dish slices consigned skaters to lo-fi decadence. 

In its present cycle, skateboarding is alive and flourishing. What makes it incredible is the means by which different it is in style and character. There is nobody model for a skate organization to be suitable. Huge brands like Nike and adidas have skate programs that exist nearby little, free brands like Magenta and Palace. Some are in it to take advantage of profoundly consumable segment of youth society, others are in it basically in light of the fact that skateboarding is their life. There are new brands that seem apparently all of a sudden and abruptly get to be cooler than cool, and there are brands that have been consistently holding court as industry pioneers for most of three decades. 

This rundown isn't about influence or cash, its about responsibility to skateboarding. The brands here have a tendency to be skater-possessed and steadily uncompromising in that position. Some make hardgoods, some make attire. There are no tennis shoe brands—they ought to have their own particular rundown. Other than that, the criteria was only that they all make items for skateboarders today. Some you may be perusing about surprisingly, others you've known for a considerable length of time.

Top 10 Skateboard Brands Right Now

  • Founded in 2002.
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    #10. HUF

    Huf has make some amazing progress since its modest beginnings throwing the best tennis shoes and streetwear in San Francisco's Tenderloin District. Keith Hufnagel and his group rapidly exceeded the boutique specialty and have turn into an all out skate attire and footwear brand. Today Huf has a stacked teamed (counting relaxed legends like Joey Pepper, who as of late got a mark shoe), a fiercely prevalent scope of item (weed socks, anybody?), and some heavy big name co-signs.

    • Founded in 1981.
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      #9. Thrasher

      Yes, another mag, yet owning a Thrasher T-shirt or snapback is a soul changing experience for skate geeks. Also, as the brand's legend develops, its energy as an image of skate society fortifies. Late collabs with Supreme and Parra, and some sudden big name fans, demonstrate that Thrasher is more than simply key perusing.

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        #8. Antihero Skateboards

        You know how individuals say poo like: Ernest Hemingway is "an's author" and its not so much clear what that implies, however you kind of get it? Well Anti-Hero is a skater's skate image.

        Established by underground saint ace skater Julien Stranger, Anti-Hero is an immediate articulation of his mentality towards the skate business, which is essentially that skateboarding is life and fuck everything else. Anti-Hero has a notoriety for being one of the gnarliest skate marks around, thanks partially to their group of heavies which incorporates John Cardiel, Tony Trujillo, and Chris Pfanner.

        • Founded in 2009.
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          #7. Magenta Skateboards

          Skateboarder possessed and worked is Magenta's mantra. "No center man or agent included," it says on the brand's site, so you recognize what you're getting from this French brand is immaculate, uncut skate to the center. The majority of the workmanship heading and representation are finished by prime supporter and group rider Soy Panday, who has built up a special masterful point of view for Magenta. You'll prone to see various skaters kicking around on Magenta sheets in NYC nowadays, and with an in number offering of T-shirts, mentors coats, tops, and an amusing boxer short collab with Lousy Livin, there is bounty to appreciate.

          • Founded in 2009.
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            #6. RAW

            Unforgiving climate, split asphalt, irate cops—all things that make Raw New England just so crude. The name is additionally an acronym for Ready Amongst Willing—a flawless moniker for one of the East Coast's hardest brands. Raw's item drops aren't exactly as incessant or plentiful as some different brands on this rundown, however the decks, tees, hoodies, and tops with the strong RAW logo are unquestionable requirements for New England's skate swarm. Visit the brand's shops in Boston, or the new joint in CT to get the merchandise in individ

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              #5. Palace Skateboards

              '90s wistfulness is the name of the diversion. VHS tapes. Grimey hip-bounce. Drinking forties, smoking blunts, skating foul road spots around evening time, and general hooliganism are foundations of skateboarding's mid-90s brilliant years, and Palace is about that life. No big surprise you see the tees and skate decks supplied at Supreme, the main brand that contrasts with Palace in the matter of nailing that "fuck it" stylish. Palace gear has been bringing about a mayhem recently yes, Palace was on that planner spoof tee crap before others, and yes, the collab with Umbro was one of the best we've found in years—yet don't imagine it any other way the brand is skate to the center, and no measure of buildup will change that. How about we trust, at any rat

              • Founded in 1997.
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                #4. Cliché

                Don't imagine it any other way, not all European skate brands are commonplace microcosms. Cliché has a standout amongst the most stacked groups in the business, including the Australian expert of pop Andrew Brophy and manual wizard Joey Brezinski. In any case, the genuine star of the squad is Frenchman Lucas Puig, who has a stellar mark shoe for adidas, and a forthcoming line of tops called Hélas that you will without a doubt be listening to all the more about sooner rather than later. Group aside, on account of solid craftsmanship bearing, a productive feature system, and an exceedingly covetable item offering that incorporates a nitwit collab with NYC pillar DQM, Cliché is très ill.

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                  #3. Polar Skate Co.

                  It's too dark and cold, making it impossible to skate in Sweden for around six months out of the year. That must be when brand genius/craftsman Pontus Alv conspires on the worldwide takeover he's been coordinating for Polar. Not just are the brand's caps, tees, and hoodies the absolute most desired apparatus in the skate universe, the Polar group ventures to every part of the globe facilitating occasions, taping feature cuts, and getting individuals advertised on vigilante-style road skating. Search for Polar to go to your hood and manufacture great, illicit solid skate hindrances under a scaffold, then skip like gnarly, European skate tooth pixies.

                  • Founded in 1994.
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                    #2. Supreme

                    The otherworldly thing about Supreme is that—regardless of what some may think—it really coddles everybody. While they may not make a special effort to make you feel welcome, at its center, the brand is a fanciful downtown skate establishment, and there is no solitary sensibility you can stick on Supreme. It's hip-jump and punk, menswear and streetwear. The binding together viewpoint is profound establishes in skate, music, and craftsmanship. Past that, anything goes.

                    Supreme may be something of an anomaly in the skate business where few brands have block and mortar vicinity, and restricted conveyance is an issue, not a procedure. Far-fetched or not, Supreme slaughters it as a skate brand and as a brand all in all. No other skate brand can assert the level of achievement that Supreme has accomplished nine retail locations around the globe, joint efforts with the greatest names in style and workmanship, and a perplexing optional business sector of affiliates and authorities.

                    • Founded in 1993.
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                      #1. Girl Skateboards / Chocolate Skateboards

                      How about we be clear: Mike Carroll and Rick Howard are legends and current skating wouldn't be crap without them. There. At the point when the two great buddies left Plan B to begin their own image in 1993, skateboard history was made.

                      Girl and Chocolate are particular brands, however they act like two sides of the same family, and following 20 years making decks and clothing for skateboarders, the tribe is more grounded than any time in recent memory. The latest Girl Films generation, Pretty Sweet, meant a going of the light for a standout amongst the most gifted skate groups in the biz. Some may have been frustrated to see Rick Howard and different OGs ride the seat, however new jacks like Alex Olson and Mike Mo Capaldi, and the Trunk Boyz Elijah Berle, Raven Tershy, Stevie Perez, Vincent Alvarez, and Cory Kennedy, leave little uncertainty that we're in for an additional 20 years of epic skating and executioner products.